Call Center Inbound Services

The inbound calls are phone calls made by clients to obtain information, report an error, ask for assistance, send an order, make a reservation or an appointment, etc. AktivCalls can now help you administrate all these calls. Depending on the type of business you run, we can come up with a solution that fits your line of business and your budget. We can offer the following inbound services: phone answering service, info Line support, website Service and Support, help desk support/tech support, product/services orders center, secretariat services, live chat support...

Call Center Outbound Services

The outbound calls are the calls made by agents to sell a product/service to prospective costumers. The outbound calls are also used in the market research campaigns, debt collections, when congratulating the costumers who purchased an expensive product, courtesy calls, setting a business meeting, telemarketing, generate and qualify leads, clean and update lists, product/service promotion etc

Software Development Outsourcing

Constant communications and personalized attention to our outsourcing partners are the elements of success of our company in outsourcing field. Our professional outsourcing team has experise ranging from simple project and development outsourcing, programming and software developement, to database and system architecture design.